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Like fire alarms, sprinklers, and security systems, a lightning protection system provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing a potential catastrophe has been dealt with proactively.


A properly installed lightning protection system safeguards a business structurally and also protects property, inventory, electronic equipment, and personnel from the destructive forces of lightning.

Modern lightning protection systems are nearly undetectable, and can be customized to blend with the architecture and style of any building.

Click below to download Specifications for a properly installed lightning protection system:
*Short specification
*Long specification

Your lightning protection system should be installed by a properly licensed, UL Certified Installer. Your system should receive a UL Letter of Inspection (previously called a “UL Master Label”). Your system should meet or exceed NFPA 780 and UL 96A lightning protection standards. All materials used should be listed in accordance with UL 96.

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