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Protect your home and your family from lightning damage.

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Without a properly installed lightning protection system, a lightning strike to your home is often catastrophic. Damage can range from destroyed computers and electronics, to electrical fires, exploding chimneys, structural damage, and total loss of your home.

With a properly installed lightning protection system, a lightning strike to your home usually causes no damage whatsoever. In fact, if you are not home, you may not even know your home was struck by lightning.

A combination of air terminals (“lightning rods”), down conductors, grounds, and surge suppression protects your home not only from a direct lightning strike, but also from disastrous surges that can destroy your electronics and electrical wiring when a utility pole or junction box miles from your home gets struck by lightning.

Armor Lightning Protection takes pride in installing lightning protection systems that are not only effective – meeting or exceeding all NFPA, UL, and LPI codes – but also blend with the architecture of your home. We are experts at hiding cable and creating a system that is nearly invisible from the ground. Your lightning protection system can even enhance the architectural style or historical nature of your home through the use of decorative finials or glass balls. We work with you to create a system you will be proud to have on your home.

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